Engine Treatment

Engine Treatment

Protects Against Friction & Heat

Engine Treatment is exclusively formulated to blend with petroleum and synthetic oils, gear lubes, transmission fluids, and grease. it contains no solids to retard penetration and will not cause and material build-up or change even the finest of machine tolerances.

Used in conjunction with 3S Lubricants Engine Treatment and other 3S Lubricants fine products, your vehicle engine will perform at peak levels while generating the benefits of fuel savings to you.


  • Improves Engine performance
  • Improves Engine Life
  • Improves Engine Power
  • Engine Runs, Smoother / Cooler / Quieter
  • Compatible with all engine oil


  • Car Engine – 236 ml per 3 to 7 liters engine oil, and apply every 5,000km to 10,000km.
  • Truck / Lorry – 2 bottles of 236ml per 18 to 38 liters engine oil.
  • 2 & 4 – Stroke Motorcycle – 70ml per 2500km.

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