Octane Booster

Octane Booster

OCTANE BOOSTER is a complete gasoline booster & fuel system cleaner. It improves power &  helps to detox & clean injector nozzles, fuel pumps, valves, combustion chambers and fuel piping system without dismantling. It transforms, restores & revitalizes engine. It consists of Mineral hydro carbon, Alcohol, Synthetic & Other Cleaning Agents as the active ingredients. It completely dissolves and more than 95% immediately combustible, the balance 5% will provide a temporary protection against worn out valves, piston ring and cylinder wall. This protective film will eventually depleted after a while, due to enormous heat in the combustion chamber and friction between two rubbing surfaces of the engine components. It is safe for automobiles which are fixed with catalytic converters & oxygen sensors. It is recommended for gasoline, LPG, Gasohol & NPG. It is manufactured with high safety measure and quality control according to standard.


  • Cleans fuel Injectors, valves & combustion chambers
  • Fights rapid build-up of dirt, gum & varnish deposits
  • Prevents rush & corrosion
  • Far better pick up power
  • Superb fuel economy

Treatment Dosage:

100ml of Octane Booster treats between 50 litres to 80 litres.

Regularity of Treatment:

It should be applied every 6 months or 20,000km, whichever come first.

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