Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Eliminates engine vibration

Fuel Injector Cleaner is formulated with Mineral hydrocarbon B, Alcohol X complex, and synthetic Hydrocarbon to clean carburetor and fuel injection system. it also restores smooth idling and prevents stalling by dissolving harmful injection and fuel system deposits. it improves gas mileage by keeping carburetor intakes valves and manifolds clean. It will fight rust and corrosion in the gas tanks and fuel lines. It dissolves carbon, sludge, wax, sediments & water from the fuel system such as injector nozzles, fuel pumps, fuel lines, fuel tanks & throttle bodies when it is applied as recommended. it helps to clean injector nozzles & combustion chamber.


  • Makes the engine run smoother
  • Eliminates hard starting
  • Restores lost engine performance
  • Improves acceleration/Power/Fuel Economy
  • Cleans fuel injector in 1 tank/Carburetors/Intake valves


Fill in the entire contents into the fuel tank (Treats up to 80 liters/21 gallons). Use every 5000km/4100 miles, or whenever clogged injectors are robbing your vehicle’s performance. For Improve engine performance, use before each oil change.

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